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Why on earth are the British leaving the European Community?


The question is more and mere on the table. In the media, in meetings, in discussions one may overhear in pubs, among politicians. 
The Chancellor, Philip Hammond is openly trying to implement soft equations, longer test periods.  Despite the hammering of the ministers in charge of Brexit who do not seem to have the faintest idea of what is bound to happen when the “hard Brexit” is implemented. Johnson, Davis, Fox are day dreaming. Their total lack of preparation is obvious. The dream of a forceful island between two giant federations the EU and USA is a fantasy land. Nobody needs a go between. 
The complexity of international existence is such that the UK has no chance to play a major role and the best it may hope for is to become a bigger Panama. 
Not very promising or valuable.
An opinion written by William Keagen in the Guardian newspaper is one of the best summations of the situation and of the problem.
Unprepared, without leadership, without an in depth research about the consequences, whimsical etc etc. Keagan says it all.
He is asking the European Union for help. “We helped save Europe, now Europe could save us from Brexit’ writes he.
Is it feasible? 
Absolutely yes.  Only 37% of the british electorate voted in favour of Brexit. A minority. So that everything is possible.
The questions is who is the politician ready, willing and able to take the lead?
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