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Wake up europeans do not go back to a terrible past


         Europeans have forgotten how it was before.

Borders, capital controls, visas to go to the nearby country, or place or beach. Very different, very difficult life. Europe has changed all this with a totally free movement of goods, of people, of money.

Instead of trying and succeeding to build a political union with one government and one parliament which would be, not only ideal, but absolutely necessary, Europeans are walking backwards into the fog of history. There seems to be a sort of “fatigue”. Nothing is simple. Politics is national. The fights on key issues are between men and women who seek national power and who are not all the time knowledgeable in the intricate, complicated, bureaucratic ways of the European Union.

            Austerity imposed because of a huge financial crisis some 8 years ago is, of course, extremely heavy and damageable for too many people. The result is that, for example, in Greece 25% of young people have no jobs. That number goes to 10% in France and that is still very high. Spain and Portugal experience the same numbers.

            One activity is totally lacking. Productive investment and job creation. The reasons depend more on politics and finance than on reality. There are no huge amounts of money directed towards investing in medium sized companies which are the only capable of creating jobs.

            On top of all this, relations with Russia are more and more difficult. The most recent announcement by the USA is that they will send heavy weapons to eastern Europe, obviously in case of………. War.

            In the meantime, studies, comments by intellectuals, politicians are quite pessimistic. There is absolutely no reason for all this. It’s simply time to wake up and to decide to move forward, not backwards. To build a political union in Europe.

A United States of Europe. 



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