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Macron and Merkel are right. Letís move on with Europe
September 05, 2017 , Michel Gabrysiak - Financial Markets


President Macron and Chancellor Merkel say that they want to restart the European project. They wish to make Europe more united; more like a state.
Is it realistic? Yes, if France and Germany decide to make it happen.
The two alone, if need be. But it will not be, the 3 Benelux countries will follow, as well as Spain and probably Italy; the 6 members of the first Europe fathered by Jean Monnet, plus Spain. 
They want a unique finance minister for the eurozone, one taxation for all Europeans, a specific European monetary fund, a banking union.
At last one economic Europe under the sky.
Of course, nationalists and populists will say no, or try to deviate or diminish it, such as Poland or Hungary. Of course, Brexit, if it ever happens, will be a nuisance.
But all in all, the project stands and the aim is great.
Only if we have those economic institutions can we resist the next financial crisis, which is on the horizon.
Only if we have that market can we try to spread products throughout Europe, at a price satisfactory for all. 
It is absolutely time to make a political Europe and stop the technocratic Europe. 


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