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London’s financial inferno. Ouahh!

In an extremely aggressive and polemical article published in the New York times on March 7th, Ben Judah tackles, what he calls London’s laundry business. London, he says, has become the place were the laundering of money from all parts, dictatorships, oligarchs, illegal operations is making the success of the City . The moralising remnant of the British Empire is gone. Britain’s ruling class has decayed to the point where its first priority is protecting its pot of Russian money. Britain is ready to betray the United States to protect the city of London. Says he.

British residency is up for sale. ‘Investor visas’ can be purchased, starting at 1 million pounds.

No doubt that Mr Judah considers London as the latest incarnation of a sort of Dante Alighieri’s financial inferno.

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