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Ireland has become the Data protection haven in Europe
April 29, 2015 , Michel Gabrysiak - Finance tech
29 out of the 30 biggest technology companies in Europe are in Ireland. Many will find this number unbelievable. But it is true. Those 29 include such as Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Linkedin and Google. They all prefer the Irish Data Protection system rather than French, German, British etc. 

Needless to say that their “friends” from those countries consider that it is more than absurd; they consider it very dangerous. 

Why? Because, of course, the Irish Data Protection commission has a very small budget, very few employees; it represents perfectly a nation of 4.6million people.

What makes the difference? Why do these giants seek Irish Data Protection rather the highly sophisticated agencies in Paris, London, Berlin? Simply because the Irish say “we are following you very precisely.If we detect something wrong we tell you, we ask you to change, and we don’t go to court or the European commission”.” It is simple, it is efficient, it works.”

Of course Brussels and other capitals say that the Irish team is unable to cope with a major breach, a major mistake.

With all due respect, I believe they’re wrong. This is a perfect case to illustrate the fact that we do not need a huge bureaucracy, gigantic budgets to rule and regulate companies. We need communication and good faith. And if, and when, companies do something definitely wrong, punishment is easy to apply. 

Long live the Irish Data Protection agency! 



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