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Google is on the go to attract tens of millions of pupils, teachers and big profits


                Google has decided to take over the classroom. With great success. The example is given by a school in Chicago, where Google laptops were distributed to children aged 7-15 with an app where teachers were able to indicate what they wanted to be done.

                Then the children click on Google docs, which is a writing programme, and begin composing essays. 

                This Google offensive is extremely popular with both children and teachers. The laptops are cheap; the apps are free.

                Google is gmail, is docs, is the king of the place. Suddenly, children have access to team work. They learn Maths, they learn everything else in a totally different way. 

                Needless to say that, Apple and Microsoft are not far behind.

                It is not a very dangerous bet to say that, very soon, education will be totally based on computers, apps, access to information and research of knowledge.

                A formidable revolution.  In many cases, the laws under which education performs to day, in various countries will have to be changed and adapted. 

                Google is on the go for tens of millions of children, and big profits. 



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