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Competition for 5 trillion dollars. It is worth fighting for.
November 13, 2015 , Michel Gabrysiak - Financial Markets

            Every day globalisation is more present in our lives. We may deny it. We look at local problems, strikes, political discussions, but those are less and less important. A new example of that reality is taking off. Aircraft builders. Until now, there is a tango, or a waltz, between Airbus and Boeing. Between them, they fill the skies. But suddenly the Chinese announce their own C919. Huge, able to fly around the globe, etc. It will start flying next year and will be ready in 2019. The Chinese try to sell it already. And the Russians don’t want to be left behind, so they announce an MC21 aircraft. They want to compete with the A320 from Airbus and 737 from Boeing.

            Will they or will they not? We shall see, but competition is getting ferocious and absolutely global. Boeing has delivered almost nine thousand 737 and has further orders of 4.000. Where there were two major planes around the world, now they will have to share in a gigantic market of almost 5 trillion dollars with newcomers.

            Governments, nations, states have less and less to say in those transactions, in that competitive environment. 



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