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August 17, 2015 , Michel Gabrysiak - Finance tech

May well become a tech révolution agent 

Google. The world is looking. Messrs Page and Brin do it again. They change everything. A new company is born: Alphabet. It is like a holding company, something like Berkshire Hathaway.

The two founders of Google do not play the sage of Omaha yet, but it may well happen in the near future. Magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations worldwide are full of Alphabet.

Google becomes a subsidiary company. Other investments, such Viver, Nest, the Cars, the Biotech company, are apart. The Google Capital and Ventures are two investment companies, in tech of course. It is, no doubt, a new leap forward into the future.

What is fascinating to watch is the long term investment philosophy displayed here- 5,7,10 years, when investors, or many investors, are driven by quick money. If Page and Brin succeed they may well be building a mammoth conglomerate for future years. Nothing to do with BH, which is a pure investment company. This one is industry and services and it already revolutionises the world.


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