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Twitter has become all mighty. Thank you Donald Trump. Thank you Lloyd Blankfein
November 09, 2017 , Michel Gabrysiak - Financial Markets


Do you know who is competing with president Donald Trump on Twitter? 

Lloyd Blankfein nobody else but the boss of the great and mighty global bank Goldman Sachs.

Twitter is not for girls and boys, for petty news; Τwitter has become the news network of the world. 

I must confess that this may sound as a slight exaggeration, but when the banker writes about his gloomy prophesies for Brexit, the British Prime Minister, Mrs May, responds. This means a medium. Twitter has become one. 

            With Trump the prominence of Twitter is universal. That is where you look for news on America. He is writing up to ten twits a day. In that way he is his best or worst cummunicator. Press conferences seem to be irrelevant.


Africans, Europeans, Americans, Asians, everybody is on Twitter. 

I don’t really know whether Twitter’s finances are that good, but that’s another question.








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