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Looking for money ? France seems ready to inject funds into start ups


           Big event in Paris. VivaTech, an exhibition and conference on how to finance start-ups has been launched, with 5.000 of those companies, 1000 investors and the new president of France, Emmanuel Macron, who wants to rapidly help french start up companies to enter the investment cycle and create jobs, dividends and wealth. He has been very active in this field when he was Economy Minister. 

            London, Berlin, Lisbon already have those public manifestations of support for young start-ups. France comes in late, but it may well catch up if the State, and especially the President and the government  help. 

The CAC Small caps index is up 16% and the CAC Mid  60 is up by 12%. While the main CAC 40 is up only by 5%  It show an appetite which has to be “fed”. 
             France has large amounts of  money in state institutions, banks and in private  holdings. The time has come to invest.
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