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70% of the British population is in financial difficulty. Brexit makes more precarious
February 14, 2018 , Michel Gabrysiak - Financial Markets



70% of the UK’s working population are living in a very precarious situation. They say that they have problems permanently. 30% say that they manage to get by. 

            That means that only 30%, 3 out of 10 say that they live comfortably. 

            The report published a few days ago says that economic insecurity stretches right throughout the labour market. 

            32% of the UK’s workers have less than 500£ in savings and 41% less than 1.000£ in savings.

            This is a formidable sign of inequality in Western societies. 

            Of course, the UK is not alone in this situation. Other European countries and the US suffer from the same phenomenon.

            The latest data on the UK when it leaves Europe show that the poor will get even poorer and that the UK economy will suffer greatly. 

            Therefore, the question remains: why on earth is the British government pursuing Brexit instead of organising a new referendum and asking, not only half of the population as it was, but the whole population to vote.

            The young voters should be especially sollicitated and encouraged to vote. The future is theirs. 


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