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2018 the year of bank mergers: many will disappear
January 11, 2018 , Michel Gabrysiak - Financial Markets

        2018 the year of bank mergers: many will disappear

                European bank bosses believe that consolidation among them is a necessity. It may not be entirely true, but many of European financial companies are not making money. They are not really investing; they are lending money at very low rates. There is no profit in those. So, why not buy some competitors or merge?

                The ECB shows that the number of banks has gone down dramatically. More than 1.000 of them disappeared in the last few years. Despite that there are more banks than necessary with 1 establishment per 50.000 citizens. In the UK, the number is 170.000. In Japan 900.000.

                Reading about the projects of many European bank bosses, it is clear that cross-boarder mergers will be many in the 2018.


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