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Two numbers: 19 billion$ paid by Facebook for a start up ‘What’s app’. Everybody is amazed by those dazzling numbers. How are the buyers going to finance these acquisitions. Capital? Yes, some. But, by and large, debt and sophisticated financial instruments who are, as well, the children go technology. logy.
Technology in finance is opening a “Economy Earth” in which exchanges, regulators, investors are all running in circles to find the right entry point to the markets where you are with a tech device phone, laptop, tablet.. and your formidable mathematical apparatus.
The debate about whether those numbers represent a new tech bubble is neither here nor there. What is crucial is that, more that ever before, tech companies are at the avant garde of global economy, markets and daily life.
All the familiar names: Google, Apple, Facebook, Ebay, Netflix are the architects, the builders of ‘Economy Earth’ and of “Market Earth”.
The Foundation wants to study that ‘avalanche’. Draw conclusions and propose.
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