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RSD Glass and ATOS launch a tool for risk and compliance documents. And more?
November 18, 2014 , Michel Gabrysiak - Finance tech



        Again! A huge amount of money is being asked of the banks. Billions of  penalty for the latest FOREX dealings are demanded by the regulators and prosecutors. Each investigation needs tons of money and an extraordinary amount of documents from the bank showing how, where, when and by whom the dealings were performed. The retrieval of the documents, in itself, is a formidable task. 

         Here comes the new partnership between RSD (a member of the Finance Foundation) and ATOS, a mighty consultancy making 10 billion euros this year.

         “The complexity of compliance, mandates, laws and contents, especially when they operate in multiple jurisdictions with different technologies, is at stake.”

This partnership is relevant especially in risk and compliance. Banks have to keep billions of records over years and comply with all regulations. Therefore, data traceability is indispensable.

Access to data is essential. In situ, and not far away in huge plants with terrabytes of other documents.The RSD Glass developed a system in which content is governed where it resides over long life-cycle.       

That methodology could be used, in financial and market data. Extract the right information at the right time is essential for market activities. Markets maybe as demanding in a different way as judges or regulators.

         This partnership could well prove to be quite useful.




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