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About Us
WHO we are
The Finance Foundation is a think tank and do tank established in Geneva in 1993 by Michel Gabrysiak, former french Prime Minister Raymond Barre and Sir David Walker.

Our purpose is to contribute to the reform of the international financial system. Over the years, the Foundation has organised numerous conferences bringing together leaders of global banks and financial companies, stock exchanges as well as european and american politicians.

It has promoted pan european financial platforms, exchanges, investment funds. It has discussed the role of shadow banks and their influence, the financialisation of economy and life.

The Finance Foundation wants to Alert and propose solutions with your input and help. We want to make the knot both understandable and productive for all.

Write for millions of web unique visitors, launch television shows on the web and on air, organise events including Conferences,forums, awards, lifestreams, webinars. We aim at first to reach 5 million unique finance orientated users, investors. Then a television audience.
WHY the Finance Foundation ?
To day 's world, has become a knot of multiple contradictions with finance, being both the poison and the antidote. navigating between irrational exuberance and rational gloom.

Complexity kills, high taxes kill the tax, equity gap is growing, investors go for bids and bets, shadow banks dominate the landscape, regulators are "depassés" hardly 22% of money available goes into real economy i.e. companies, jobs, dividends, wealth creation, inequality grows dramatically, technology rules the waves and diminishes the role of humans, financial information is less and less understandable, the prices of stocks and all financial instruments are being manipulated mathematically, huge unemployment, urbanisation conglomerates masses of people, play, bet, risk in a nanosecond, make money on money, Global economy managed in bits and pieces.
Historical Members and Participants
Deutsche Bank
Coroprate Leaders
Goldman Sachs
Boston Consulting
Schweize Borse
Lombard Odier
Bolsa de Madrid
Caixa de Madrid
Local Authorities
Central Bankers
The London
Stock Exchange
European/ American/ Asian Ministers
Deutsche Borse
Bank fur Genossenschaft
Morgan Stanley
Novartis Roche
San Paolo IMI
EU Commissioners
Trade Unionists
Stop borrowing invest your money
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